Pennies for Planks

Small Change Makes a Big Difference!

A penny may seem like a drop in the ocean toward completing Mayflower II’s restoration but small change makes a big difference for our iconic ship!

Inspired by the grassroots efforts of schoolchildren, Mayflower descendant societies, and small businesses who have collected change to donate to Mayflower II’s restoration, we are delighted to expand the “Pennies for Planks” program developed by Mary Brown, Governor of the Connecticut Society of Mayflower Descendants. As Plimoth Plantation works to secure the $3 million remaining to be raised for our capital campaign’s Mayflower II Restoration Project, we invite teachers and students across the country to incorporate this easy and accessible initiative into their lesson plans, offering children the opportunity to become personally connected to the story of the Mayflower–– a symbol of hope, freedom, and courage. For families, it is wonderful opportunity to talk about the inspirational story of the Native people and Pilgrims’ with their children.

“Pennies for Planks” also makes a perfect point-of-sale program for small businesses who are eager to contribute to the restoration of this national icon. For families, it is a great opportunity to talk about the inspirational story of the Native people and Pilgrims’ with their children during this Thanksgiving season.

Schools, or individual classrooms or grades, that collect change for Mayflower and send it to Plimoth Plantation will receive a special video thank you from the Captain of the Mayflower!

How You Can Help

“Pennies for Planks” is easy to get involved with today. Simply begin collecting change in your classroom, business, group, or family. It may be helpful to set a goal amount or timeframe for collecting your contribution. Once you have reached your goal, trade your pennies in and submit your contribution via check to Plimoth Plantation. Please include in the memo “Pennies for Planks” as well as a return name and address for a formal acknowledgement of your tax-deductible gift.

You can also make your donation online at Please be sure to select the “Pennies for Planks” option to ensure that your contribution counts toward this initiative.We encourage participants to submit stories, drawings and photos of what inspired them to contribute to Mayflower II’s restoration.

Questions about the program can be directed to